Erguner founded music groups such as Erguner Ensemble Instrumental-Choeur Musique Turque, Erguner Dervishes Tourneurs, Erguner Musique Ottoman and Harem Ensemble of Istanbul Woman.

With his groups, he participated various music festivals througout the world.. Moreover, his CD Sufi Music of Turkey were awarded by JVC Collection from Japan and CMP Collection from Germany. In 1992 he performed with Butch Morris and reached a good synthesis of east and west.

1995, he performed a concert called “Mevlevi-Bektasi-Alevi” in Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall in order to reach a synthesis among musical sounds and the beliefs

.In 1997 he performed in a festival in İstanbul with greek artists of the turkish and greek music in Ottoman Empire. I

n 1997, he was awarded as the “best artist” by the Turkish Writers Comittee.

 Since 1999 he gave many concerts in Mediterranean and european countries.